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While Morral Companies continues to grow, we remain deeply committed to serving the needs of farmers. After all, this is where we started. Plus, it allows us to stay in close contact with the ultimate customer for many of the products we manufacture and market. By understanding the needs of our customers, we can quickly and accurately address product and service opportunities. Naturally, this ultimately benefits not only our farming customers but other agriculture dealers as well.


Your Single Source

We offer an extensive line of high quality liquid and dry fertilizers, seed safe starters, surfactants, micronutrients, controlled release nitrogen as well as specialty products and crop protectant products. Morral formulates, manufactures and packages many of these products from start to finish, which enables us to monitor and maintain the highest standards of quality and performance.


Maximize your return on investment.

When making business decisions, you need as much information as you can get. If you utilize these important research and data tools, you can minimize time spent looking for answers. Please follow this link for Commodity Futures Prices, Nutrient ROI Calculator, Growing Degree Days Calculator, Nutrient removal Calculator and Rainfall Tracker.


We have two locations to better serve you! Check out each page and contact us!


PO Box 26 / 132 Postle Ave.

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1592 Columbus Sandusky Rd. N.

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