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Fertilizer is bagged efficiently at Morral Companies, LLC.

The new automated bagging plant not only lowers the cost of shipping fertilizer, but creates new jobs in the process.

We are able to provide custom, state of the art bagging and packaging capabilities to our customers. Our packaging facilities allow us the opportunity to offer a wide range of packaging options for both dry and liquid products – from a variety of bottle sizes and shapes, to large poly drums, to our Minibulk tanks which feature the same dimensions as a pallet of dry fertilizer.


Our advanced manufacturing system allows us to offer greater flexibility in the way we serve you. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of the newest liquid and dry packaging materials, but you can also benefit from the availability large and small package needs. You can also be rest assured that your products will be produced and shipped in a professional, timely manner.


Our state-of the- art robotics departments ensures that each product is of uniform size weight and packaged to the most professional standards available.

Meeting all of your packaging need is our goal!

Some of the products we have produced and packaged include:


- Liquid and Dry Fertilizers


- Fungicides

- Insecticides

- Adjucants

- Organic Products


- Ice Melts

- Homeowner Chemicals

- Surfactants

- Micronutrients

- Controlled Release Nitrogen

... and more!

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