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Grid Soil Sampling

Develop Fertilizer Plans Specific to Your Farm!

Both our Morral and Caledonia locations have the ability to GPS Grid Sample in 2.5 acre grids.   The results included in these samples are soil type, soil pH, Soil Potassium, Soil Phosphorus, Base Saturation, Lime recommendation, and fertilizer recommendation.  This allows for more accurate fertilizer application using variable rate spreading.  Variable rate is used for both fertilizer and lime.  We can also create variable rate seeding programs using these results


With unpredictable fertilizer costs and consumption of nutrients through higher yields, the rationale for a structured soil sampling regimen has never been stronger. Advances in soil sampling practices, variable rate technology and software analytics offer an effective way to maintain input efficiency and a fertile growing environment.


Morral Companies' agronomists are experienced in the interpretation of soil test analysis and work with growers to develop fertilizer plans specific to their farms.  With a modern fleet of variable rate application equipment available, our teams will apply nutrients precisely where instructed.

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