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Our full service, on-site lab is a vital part of our commitment to Quality. We have a sampling and analysis program for all of our product lines, giving us, and you, confidence that we are providing exceptional products.  Our lab and staff provides results for Total Nitrogen, and in addition a more complete Nitrogen breakdown including Urea N, SRN, and CWIN/HWIN.   Phosphorus and Potassium, as well as analysis of Secondary Nutrients such as Iron, Manganese, and Zinc is also performed.  We also monitor physical properties such as Density and pH, along with other chemical properties, all in an effort to provide products that not only meet label guarantees but are stable and consistent from batch to batch.


Our lab is available to help our customers with technical advice, product development, and analytical services.  Click on our links to sample submission sheets and price list, call the office, or email jhartshorn@morralcompanies.com with your lab or technical questions.




Our commitment to quality is a company-wide philosophy that runs from start to finish.  We have adopted practices of Total Quality Management (TQM) that include sourcing the right raw materials, improving operational efficiency, with customer service and satisfaction as our goals.  Quality Assurance is not a department, it is part of every employee’s responsibility.


We have an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence on staff to help us meet your needs.  In addition we have a full service fertilizer lab on site, something that gives us an advantage over many other suppliers. We are available to serve as your resource for technical advice, product development and any other need you may have.


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