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Morral entered the turf industry in 1975, first by producing liquids and then dry products for professional lawn applicators. In response to our customers’ needs, Morral has developed and produced specialty liquids in the form of controlled release nitrogen fertilizers. And through the proven success of our products, we have become the industry’s largest producer of liquid slow-release fertilizer as well as our own proprietary controlled release fertilizer NBN, and liquid turf grade fertilizer.



GreenEffects Professional Products

Drawing on our experience and formulations for agricultural applications, we have extended the GreenEffects product line into an exciting and valuable new selection of fertilizers and combination products specially formulated for professional lawn and turf applications.



Custom blending available upon request.




Our NBN products are non burning, clear and colorless nitrogen solutions containing a mixture of both slow release and readily available forms of nitrogen. When applied to turf, they deliver a quick green up while providing sustained and non-surge growth. Originally formulated as a non-burning turf fertilizer, our NBN's have proven to be versatile products in applications where a special source of liquid nitrogen is required.


Our NBN's are very compatible with most insecticides, herbicides and fungicides and can easily be applied with standard spray equipment. Characterized by their slow release, non-burning properties and their quick green up and long term stability, we are confident our NBN's will meet or exceed your expectations.
















33-3-6 50%XCU

GreenEffects products are available in the following lines:

Professional Turf Fertilizer – Dry Straight Blends and Liquid Mixes

Professional Golf Course Fertilizer – Fairway Grade and Fertigation Liquids

Professional Tree and Shrub Fertilizer – Dry or Liquid

Specialty Fertilizers – Specialty Fertilizers for Fertigation

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